This task focuses on the retelling of a story and/or incorporating story elements (characters, setting, plot, theme, etc. depending on grade level) into writing.

Read and excerpt of Ella Enchanted. Together as a group, re-tell the excerpt by creating a book using Storybird. This would be great to use with an interactive whiteboard. Give each student an opportunity to create their own book using __www.storybird.com__ which retells a fairy tale focusing on a story element. Example: the story of Hansel and Gretel taking place in the desert – what would they have dropped to find their way home; the story of Little Red Riding Hood told from the Big Bad Wolf’s point of view. The lower levels (K-1) would focus on retelling the story in sequential order.

Stop and share in small groups - projects and ideas for extension activities across the curriculum and grade levels.

Storybird Tour

Example of a Storybird written by a student (3-5) Cinderella